Their Story

I met Mr. Hubs in college at the start of my junior year. I thought for sure he was a transfer, but as it turned out, he was a senior, and he had been attending the same college as me the whole time I was there.  Somehow I overlooked him entirely.  If you asked him, he would say it's because he didn't play football.  There is some truth to that since I dated a guy who played football for my first two years at college, but really, I just never went to frat parties, ever, and he was a frat president.  It just wasn't my thing, so we never really crossed paths until that one fateful day.  '

I was at college early to help my little sister move in, and I stopped by a frat house (for once) to visit a few friends that were in town and hanging out there.  That's where I saw him from across the room, and I thought, "Wow.  Who is this guy?!"  He walked across the room and said hello next to a cardboard cutout of George W. Bush.  It was romantic, let me tell ya.  ;)  We chatted for a while, then we started to talk on AIM.  We started hanging out, and we went on a date to Applebees.  Then, I realized that it was too soon, and I wasn't ready for a relationship.  He sent me flowers saying, "Not all guys are jerks.  Just most of us."  I ran away.  Eventually, he started seeing a girl who lived in my dorm, and time marched on.  He graduated.  I graduated.  We became grown-ups.  We had one isolated conversation via AIM (again), and that was that.

Then, a few years after that, I was invited to cheer at our Homecoming with the alumni cheerleaders and current cheerleaders.  I came back to visit with my friends and cheer, and guess who I bumped into?!  Mr. Hubs!  Looking as handsome as ever!  We locked eyes from across the room (again), we chatted (again), and he ditched his friends to hang out with me and my friends.  We laughed and laughed, and he asked for my number.  I guess you could say the rest is history.  Thank goodness for second chances.  Sometimes timing is everything.  Now, I'm married to my best friend, and I couldn't ask for anything more. 

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