Saturday, June 14, 2014

Guest Bath Color Splash

Although I tend to gravitate toward metallic goodies and all things neutral, I have recently started to play with color.  It all started when we finished our basement, and I needed to pick out paint.  I decided to go with a taupe for our entertainment room, a pretty green for our bonus room, and a sunny yellow for our bathroom!   Since our basement is a less serious space, I wanted a fun color, and I wanted to play with a fun contrast as well.   I decided to keep the shower curtain and rug pretty monochromatic, but the shower curtain is ombre, so I love how the lighter shades brush up against the yellow walls, and as it gets darker, it flows against the white wainscoting.  There are pops of teal throughout the room, and I love it. LOVE... in all caps.  That's how much!   Those colors show up throughout the basement for a little color splash and continuity too.  

This weekend, I added this precious chippy stool.  I love how it adds visual interest to the space without competing, and I love how it looks with a vintage silver tray, a teal wire basket, and a white wire planter with pretty white blooms.  Be still my heart!  It's a match made in vintage Heaven!

This the centerpiece though.  It's my favorite piece of furniture...hands-down!  I love the colors and the texture of the doors!  This is what anchors the rest of the teal touches and grounds it.  I love how it even pulls in the dark stain from our floors.  I mean, really.  I don't think I will ever part with this piece.  Like, ever.  :)  One day, I plan on doing a full bathroom reveal, but for today, this is progress, and I am a very happy camper.  I keep reminding myself that beautiful rooms take time.  :) 

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