Monday, May 5, 2014

Because Why Not?

I bought this cute frame a few weeks ago, and I loved everything about it.  In fact, I snapped it up before there was even a price tag on it.  {I have cat-like reflexes when it comes to thrifting!}  Anyway, I loved the texture of the jute up against the pretty music notes.  The skeleton key was taped to the frame with Scotch tape, and I thought, "Hmmm...I kind of like that eclectic display.  Would it be tacky if I kept it like that?"  That same day, I made a run to Target for a storage tub.  Lo and behold, I found pretty silver tape in the Dollar Spot!  It was serendipity!  It was meant to be, and so I removed the clear tape and replaced it with this metallic strip.  Is it unconventional?  Yes!  Do I love it anyway?!  You betcha!  I have it displayed on my desk, and I am enjoying looking at it as I type this very post.  Sometimes I think it's important to try something  new and break a few design "rules".  Rules were meant to be broken anyway {says the ultimate rule follower}.  

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