Friday, April 18, 2014

Something to Chirp About!

Although I am not completely against shopping for holiday decorations at department stores, and although I have snagged lots of cute goodies at Target over the past few years, I prefer picking up pretties at local vintage shops.  I am a tad addicted.  For real.  I think I need a twelve-step program. At any rate, I couldn't be happier about how my spring things look!  I had been eye-balling this wicker cloche for months... and months... and months.  I finally snapped it up last weekend because I loved how it looked with the mossy bird's nest.  Be still my heart.

Another thing that makes my heart go pitter-pat is silver.  I LOVE old tarnished silver.  I fell head over heels for this cute collection of trophy-esque urns.  Seriously.  I am smitten.

I also couldn't resist this cute little tray.  I love the curvy carved handles, the charming little birds, and the subtle green and tan tones of the grass and eggs.  Simplistic beauty.  I just love it!  :)

I stuck this little mint green chick next to framed music... and some twine.  :)  I think it's pretty precious.  It adds a little quirkiness and sweetness to my home office and makes me smile.

I also love how quirky and cute this little vintage flashcard is... and I love the contrast between the green flower frog. It has also found a temporary home in my office for this spring!

 This cute little bird and basket is prominently displayed in our kitchen.  I am kind of obsessed with wire baskets... and apparently birds at the moment.  :) 

I love that my spring decor can stay out for a while... and I won't have to take everything down immediately after Easter.  That makes me happy, happy, happy!  :)  It's the simple things... 

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  1. So pretty! Have you heard of Miss Mustard Seed? It's a blog I follow and I think you'd LOVE her decorating too... It's very similar to yours. Have a great weekend. :-)